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Embark on a Tech Adventure: Internships that Transform at Emancipation Edutech, Ranchi

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Get ready to unlock the doors to your tech dreams with Emancipation Edutech’s exclusive online internships! ๐Ÿš€

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Real Projects, Real Impact

Tackle projects that matter, mirroring the excitement and challenges of the tech industry. Your skills will thank you!

Mentorship Magic

Say goodbye to uncertainty! Our industry experts are here to guide you, providing insights that go beyond the classroom.

Tech Wonderland

From Python to Data Science, Web Designing to Development โ€“ we've got a variety of domains to match your unique tech passion.

Success Stories

Join a league of successful interns who've not just made it in the tech world but are thriving. Your success story starts here.

Why Choose Our Internships?

Imagine learning tech skills not just from a textbook but by diving into real projects that challenge and inspire. That’s what our internships are all about! Here’s why tech enthusiasts in Ranchi love being part of the Emancipation Edutech family:

Certified Skill Mastery through Real-world Projects

Propel your skills with hands-on projects leading to a prestigious Internship Certificate. Our focus isn't just on teaching; it's on providing opportunities for you to apply and master your skills in real-world scenarios.

Resume-Boosting Experience

Our internships aren't traditional teaching programs; they are immersive experiences that directly contribute to your skillset and bolster your resume. The Internship Certificate you earn becomes a testament to your hands-on expertise.

Tech Domain Exploration

Immerse yourself in diverse tech domains, gaining practical experience that goes beyond traditional teaching methods. Each certification is a badge of your hands-on exploration and application in the tech landscape.

Sample Certificate

Explore a glimpse of our prestigious certificates. Our sample certificates embody the culmination of dedication, skill, and achievement. Each certificate is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in tech education.

Join Us And Achieve
Career Goal

Join us and transform your career through hands-on experiences, industry certifications, and a thriving community of tech enthusiasts.

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Internship and Training at Emancipation Edutech.

Certified Graduates Growth

The chart illustrates the remarkable growth in the number of certified graduates over the years, showcasing the success and impact of our programs.

2021 - 2000 Certified Graduates

In 2021, we proudly graduated 2000 certified individuals who have since embarked on successful career journeys.

2022 - 3500 Certified Graduates

The following year saw a significant increase, with 3500 graduates joining the ranks of skilled professionals in the tech industry.

2023 - 5000+ Certified Graduates:

In 2023, our community expanded even further, with over 500 individuals completing our programs and earning valuable certifications.

Tech Success Stories

Equipping graduates for success in Python, Machine Learning, and Web Development. Join the ranks of 2500 Python, 1200 Machine Learning, and 1000 Web Development certified graduates.

Placement Opportunities

Unlock doors to exciting career paths with our placement assistance. Our strong industry connections pave the way for you to secure rewarding positions in leading tech companies.

Elevating Education with Distinction: Our Accreditation and Recognition.

Our Recognitions and Certifications

Emancipation Edutech – Distinguished by Certifications: COI, Startup India Recognition, MSME, ISO 9001:2015, AIAIT, and Trade License by RMC; a testament to our commitment to quality education and compliance with industry standards

Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

Proudly holding our Certificate of Incorporation, we are officially recognized as a legitimate and thriving entity, committed to providing top-notch educational services.

Startup India Recognition

As a recognized Startup by the Government of India, we stand at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing fresh and dynamic approaches to the education sector.

MSME Certification

Recognized by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), our commitment to excellence is affirmed, placing us among the trusted contributors to India’s vibrant business landscape.

AIAIT Recognition

Accredited by the All India Association of Information Technology, we are acknowledged for our commitment to technological advancements and industry-relevant education.

Trade License by RMC (Ranchi Municipal Corporation)

Endorsed by the Ranchi Municipal Corporation, our trade license signifies compliance and authorization to operate, ensuring a secure and regulated educational environment.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Upholding the highest standards, our ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects our dedication to quality in delivering educational services, ensuring an exceptional experience for our learners.


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