Angular Js

What I Will Learn?

  • Referencing AngularJS in a Web page
  • Building Single Page Applications using AngularJS
  • Integrating forms with AngularJS
  • Organizing code using modules
  • Injecting dependencies into a Module
  • Configuring routes with ngRoute and $routeProvider
  • Refactoring reusable code into factories and services
  • Defining business logic using controllers
  • Performing Ajax requests with the $http and $resource services
  • Communicating with RESTful web services
  • Reading data from remote servers using $http
  • Providing new behaviors to HTML using AngularJS directives
  • Enhancing the UI using animations and Bootstrap
  • Extending AngularJS with custom directives, filters and services

Course Description

This hands on programming course provides a thorough introduction to the AngularJS JavaScript Framework. Attendees will learn the fundamental skills necessary to build Web Applications using AngularJS and the MV* (Model View Whatever) design pattern. Topics include creating controllers, using scope to manage data, designing views/templates, routing, data binding and filters, applying directives, as well as form integration and validation. Students will also use AngularJS’ built-in services to communicate with RESTful web services and provide CRUD database operations.

Students will learn how to use CSS animations and Bootstrap to enhance the UI as well as learn to employ third-party components such as modal dialogs (“modals”), progress bars and navbars. In addition, students will learn to extend AngularJS with custom directives, services and filters.

July 5, 2018