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Web Development With Java Oracle

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Web Development With Java Oracle

Java is a commonly used and powerful programming language and Oracle is an RDBMS by Oracle Corp. in this course we'll be using OracleDB as RDBMS Tool and Java for the Server Side Programming. This Course will make you master in Creating Presentation - Oriented Web Applications as well as Server - Oriented Web Applications

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  • Basic Idea on Computer


Benefits of this course:

1. This Course will provide completeness on every topic.

2. This Course will make you to Strong on Theoritically and


3. This Course will provide Good Platform for the Advanced

   Technologies and Frameworks    Hibernate, JPA, Spring,......

4. This Course includes almost all the interview Questions

   and Answers as part of the Course internally.

5. This Course will provide Downloadable Material for all the

   topics which are provided in Course Content.




As part of the Enterprise Application development it is essential to manage the organizations

data like Employee Details, Customer Details, Products Details..etc

To manage the above specified data in enterprise applications we have to use storage areas

(Memory elements). There are two types of Storage areas.



These are the memory elements, which will store the data temporarily

Eg: Buffers, Java Objects



These are the memory elements which will store data permanently.

Eg: FileSystems, DBMS, DataWareHouses.


File Systems:

It is a System, it will be provided by the local operating System.

Due to the above reason File Systems are not suitable for platform independent


like JAVA.

File Systems are able to store less volume of the data.

File Systems are able to provide less security.

File Systems may increases data Redundancy.

In case of File Systems Query Language support is not available. So that all the database

operations are complex.



Database Management System is very good compare to file System but still it able to store less data


when compared to DataWareHouses.

DBMS is very good at the time of storing the data but which is not having Fast Retrieval



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