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SQL: Learn SQL for data analysis

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SQL: Learn SQL for data analysis

Step by Step SQL with MySQL Database for Beginners, Non-Techs, newbs - Quick way to learn SQL using MySQL Database

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  • Be comfortable putting SQL and PostgreSQL on their resume
  • Use SQL to perform data analysis
  • Be confident while working with constraints and relating data tables
  • Tons of exercises that will solidify your knowledge


3 sections • 3 lectures • 00h 26m total length
Connecting to SQL Server
Creating and working with tables
Creating altering and dropping a database


  • You needn't bother with long stretches of talks to learn SQL and MySQL, that is actually how I moved toward this course. I blended the data so it is snappy and straightforward. In this course I have rearranged the procedure without getting into all the perplexing specialized stand up so anyone can learn SQL. This course is intended to make each progression straightforward. I utilized similar t
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    echniques that I use to show business experts and advertising investigators in my very own gathering.
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MySQL Training

Working with MySQL Admin

·        Working with PHP My Admin

·        Creating Databases

·        Types of Databases

·        Creating Tables in Database

·        Specifying Field Data Types

·        Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type

·        Adding Field Modifiers and Keys

·        Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables

·        Altering Table and Field Names

·        Altering Field Properties

·        Adding and Removing Fields and Keys

·        Altering Table Types

·        Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables

·        Backing Up Databases and Tables

·        Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup

·        Dropping Databases and Tables

·        Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

SQL Queries

·        Inserting Records

·        Editing and Deleting Records

·        Performing Queries

·        Retrieving Specific Columns

·        Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause

·        Using Operators

·        Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates

·        Limiting Results

·        Using Built-In Functions

·        Grouping Records

·        Joining Tables

·        Using Subqueries

·        Using Table and Column Aliases

Arrays and Array Functions

·        Why use Arrays

·        Types of Arrays

·        Creating Arrays

·        Accessing Arrays

·        Array Functions

·        Using Array Function

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